Friday, 10 August 2007

Update #25 - Where the hell are they ?

Richard got me up to date. More or less. At least, I know know that they are heading towards a lake. I can only guess, which one they mean. So probably, they are close to 46°14"09' N 78°24"39' E looking for a camping ground. I checked Panoramio, to find a picture of that area... the only thing I got is this. Maybe not the best place for a Polo to drive through...

The last few miles from Tashkent went pretty smooth. Passing the border seemed to take for hours, but an English team showed them a VIP booth. That's only meant for diplomats, but who cares. Martin and Richard showed them their German passports and the were waved through the border. That was easy. Then however, the car broke down. It didn't wanna start again, looks like the engine doesn't get any gas. So they removed some pipes and tubes and since then the car seems to run pretty fine. Unfortunately, they were distracted from other problems... like getting some more money. Luckily, they found an ATM in Taraz, where they spent the night in the most shabby hotel ever. At least, that's what they say. By the way... shame on you Italians.. driving way too fast so that our boys can't follow. But that's no surprise when driving a '95 Twingo with AC ;)

2007/08/10 14.01

Somewhere after Almaty, driving close to the Chinese border, mc shows: 9608 km

Almaty, Kazakhstan

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