Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Driver Comments #8

well... now I'm pretty curious that happened to the other teams, too. As I just got an sms from Richard that teams were robbed... let's see:
  • Bottom Gear
    Location London(United Kingdom) 18:10 on 08-08-2007
    we're back in the UK. we just got off the plane at heathrow and we're waiting for a coach up to the midlands.
  • Bottom Gear
    Location Ulaanbaatar(Mongolia) 18:09 on 08-08-2007
    we're here! We arrived in ub on monday at 8pm. 17 days of travelling and we're ready for some beer at Dave's and a long lye in tomorrow :-D
  • Green Team 2cv
    Location Unknown 17:22 on 08-08-2007
    have come aross canadian oil drillers. Chassiss welded and fixed. Thank you canada. Artic transport. Mongolia here we come greenteam reborn.
  • Green Team 2cv
    Location Unknown 17:20 on 08-08-2007
    the 2cv broke in two. Chassis fell apart while driving kaz roads. Potholes the size of houses. No steering giving up. With other guys though.
  • Team Tom
    Location Almaty(Kazakhstan) 16:49 on 08-08-2007
    We're in a hotel which our new friend the policeman sorted out for us n now having a meal next door. hugo is surrounded by hookers. Nice.
  • Wrong Way Wound
    Location Bukhara(Uzbekistan) 16:48 on 08-08-2007
    Appeared on Turkmen news last night and as we crossed Uzbek border were recognised! Dirtiest TV stars ever. In Bukhara now, with air con room-luxury!
  • The Dolly Mixtures
    Location Turkmenabat(Turkmenistan) 15:24 on 08-08-2007
    Why are there no roadsigns in this country? Still, petrol is 1p/ltr except at the last one when they refused to take any money. Nice people.
  • Le Mongs 24
    Location Unknown 15:05 on 08-08-2007
    Rally is over for us :-( Jeep made it to Odessa but that was as far as it was going without a 3rd Engine. Dylan is home and Chris is skipping the Wreck :-)
    Location Tsagaannurr(Mongolia) 14:31 on 08-08-2007
    YYaaaaa!!! En Mongolia.100km de pais,pura pista,alucinante.5 grados por la noche y las strellas muy cerca.MMuuaaa!
  • Team Touchy
    Location Unknown 13:23 on 08-08-2007
    lat59.0 lng43.8 arrived at Aral Sea. Stacy took a beating on road from Uzbek border. Now no blinkers, left brake or right headlight and making funny noises
  • Team Touchy
    Location Unknown 13:00 on 08-08-2007
    lng45.5 lat55.0 Serious 4x4 for last few days. Met 3 teams and rally camera crew in middle of nowhere. Saved micra by towing 40k's thru sand. Stacy lovin it
  • Berrow Fellows
    Location Unknown 09:11 on 08-08-2007
    just arrived in kyrgystan - quickest border crossing for ages - border guard gave us 5 som then we give him 5 dollars - guess who s best off!
  • Rogue Telepath
    Location Ashgabad(Turkmenistan) 08:24 on 08-08-2007
    made it to turkmen. Ashgabat looks great. Just seeing girls again after 5days of ghosts is Fantittytastic. The dreaded border guards waved me through in 5mins and gave me beer. While Andy got full treatment and fleeced $140 Drink!!!!
  • Team Driving Miss Daisy
    Location Unknown 16:09 on 07-08-2007
    National catastrophe narrowly avoided, when under imminent threat of deportation, prison &/or large fine, Brit Emb came thru @5pm w. unheard of exit visas!
  • The Kilmorie Gentlemen
    Location Barnaul(Russia) 12:47 on 07-08-2007
    ... Windscreen mostly gaffa tape now: bump=glass rain hey ho!
  • Norfolkin'chance
    Location Unknown 11:35 on 07-08-2007
    whichever team just left aktau in a black fiat panda and drove past us, you are a disgrace to the rally and yourselves. Does it look like we're havin 250 a barbecue with a tow rope on the front and our hazard lights on in the middle of the desert?
  • Norfolkin'chance
    Location Unknown 10:55 on 07-08-2007
    near aktau. Rear axel broken. Crawled 150k back to civilization but now alternator broken also. The time has come to sever the rotten limb for good!
  • Green Pea
    Location Unknown 09:56 on 07-08-2007
    car died. Fuel pump gone then engine fire. Sold to local. Hitching ride with some extremly nice americans. At nukus uzbek. Love to all, spirits still high!
    Location Tashkent(Uzbekistan) 05:04 on 07-08-2007
    seguimos sin permisos para abandonar pais. Coche definitiv. parado. Esperamos salir hoy noche a cualquier pais europa, aunque burocracia y mordida ....
  • The Dolly Mixtures
    Location Ashgabad(Turkmenistan) 18:42 on 06-08-2007
    Handbrake snapped off today. Starter motor screams now. Staying in crap Commie hotel. Still, this country has beer.

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