Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Update #24 - New Visa - new poll

Yo. I just got word that Martin and Richard managed to bribe themselves to a visa (costs 15 $ US). Thus, they plan to enter Kazakhstan tomorrow. They have to hurry a little bit, as they have to drive around 580 km / day to be in Ulanbaatar in time.

That is, they can neither afford the car breaking down nor being kept at the border for long. With the car, I can't help them. With the border... maybe. 'Honey' offered to send in some pictures of her, because she thought they would be more persuading than George Washington. So, here's a new poll: Should 'Honey' indeed send in some pictures ? You'll find the poll on the sidebar to your left.

Happy Voting !

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Lars said...

I guess, it's safe to assume, that they will be late, if they have to drive 580 km/day, because according to "Long Way Round", which was mentioned here a few weeks ago, the roads in western Mongolia are in a terrible condition or are non-existent.