Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Update #23

So, again I had the luxury of an extremly expensive wakeup call, as Richard again forgot about the time difference and woke me up way too early. However, I don't want to keep the news to myself. They made it to the embassy today. Hooray. To bypass the long queue, they simply bribed some guard. May 'honey' would have been of use too, but unfortunately ... she didn't join them yet. What's wrong, honey ? :)
As they simply kept bribing on - this time the man behind the counter - they made sure, that they would get their 5-day transit visa through Kazakhstan by tomorrow (late afternoon). Thus, allowing them to leave the country on Thursday. Hopefully, the car will hold for at least the Mongolian border, because I dunno what happens when their visa runs out and them still being in K-stan.

Come on... be a good Polo...

P.S. I added a link to the picture gallery of the start in London Hyde Park

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Honey said...

You like to know, why I did not join the trip?? 'cause the boys did not want to allow me a hanger for at least 20 pairs of shoes, a Douglas first-aid-kit and a Dixieklo... ;-)