Monday, 6 August 2007

Driver Comments #7

The poll is over. You wanted it. You get it. Here we go with some more comments, while our boys are sweating under the Uzbekian sun at 38°C.
  • Ice Cream Adventure
    Location Bukhara(Uzbekistan) 17:13 on 06-08-2007
    driving blind down Uzbekistan 'motorway'. Uzbek border £0 and no hassle! Thermometer topped out at 55C, then exploded. Immodium supplies running low...
  • Muswell Mongols
    Location Bukhara(Uzbekistan) 15:05 on 06-08-2007
    just given a lift to 2 Uzbek border guards into town. They bought us breakfast, petrol and cleared road blocks for us.
  • Two Loose Screws
    Location Aktau(Kazakhstan) 11:21 on 06-08-2007
    spent 9 hours in customs getting stamps from various officials including a vet. Didnt give the ok until she reached the back of our teeth. Daka
  • Perseverance
    Location Aktau(Kazakhstan) 07:31 on 06-08-2007
    finally met back up! Typically i arrived first despite azeri's concerns. Met a girl at the airport and stayed at hers last night. Dropped at port this morning. Last 5 hours waiting for car in customs... Should be on the road in 30. Finally!
  • Muswell Mongols
    Location Turkmenabat(Turkmenistan) 06:40 on 06-08-2007
    Reached the Uzbek border at 7 am after driving all night...after getting several bits of paper stamped several times we are free at 11.30. Only the British railway is less efficient!
  • Land of Down
    Location Ulaanbaatar(Mongolia) 04:36 on 06-08-2007
    We made it! Second car here, first car from London. Welcomed by a cheering crowd at Dave's Place. 15 days on the road just to hop on train to Beijing!
  • Rustbucket Express
    Location Mashhad(Iran) 15:53 on 05-08-2007
    Denied entry to Turkmen as it was last day of visa. In Mashhad trying to figure out what the flip to do. Afghanistan maybe?
  • The Crimson Monkeys
    Location Orenburg(Russia) 14:42 on 05-08-2007
    heading on towards ufa tonight.Keep getting stopped by police but we have a magic bit of paper which tells them we are doing it for charity which works!
    Location Aktobe(Kazakhstan) 13:45 on 05-08-2007
    reached kazak. had a vodka drinking contest with the mafia the other nite and had all loose change nicked by a coin collecting border guard. Bizzare
  • Muswell Mongols
    Location Ashgabad(Turkmenistan) 13:15 on 05-08-2007
    crossed into Turkmenistan. 12 bits of paper, 47 official stamps. First drink for a week. 5* hotel, bugged rooms, watchers following you. All good but hungover
  • The Payne Train
    Location Unknown 13:14 on 05-08-2007
    just got through border everyone very friendly guards gave us apples and small money just got cake from wedding party as well!
  • Bottom Gear
    Location Unknown 13:06 on 05-08-2007
    it's 10 o'clock at night and we've just arrived at the border with Mongolia which opens at 9am. 11 hours to go.
  • Perseverance
    Location Baku(Azerbaijan) 19:58 on 04-08-2007
    f*@#ing s*#t bollocks. Stuck in baku. No car. No teammate. No rally peoply. No nothing. Mistake by kazakh embassy and azeri border guards won't let me get there an hour early. Thank god i packed my brown underpants.
  • Team Crazy Fools
    Location Baku(Azerbaijan) 18:39 on 04-08-2007
    and we're off! Finally leaving this god-forsaken bribe-infested place. Bring on Boratland!
  • Team Crazy Fools
    Location Baku(Azerbaijan) 17:10 on 04-08-2007
    finally on board ferry to kazakhstan despite visas having EXPIRED. 1st real bribe is get out of jail free card. When we actually leave is anyones guess.
  • Team Bad Idea
    Location Rovaniemi(Finland) 14:23 on 04-08-2007
    finally escaped sweden and now reindeer sandwiches
  • Horn OK Please
    Location Bukhara(Uzbekistan) 09:42 on 04-08-2007
    Absolute result! We bumped into a german polo convoy in bukhara and they gave us their spare rad! All we have 2 do now is replace our broken suspension!
  • Ice Cream Adventure
    Location Turkmenbashi(Turkmenistan) 03:16 on 04-08-2007
    2g hours trying to get into turkmenistan. 2 hours sleep as usual, now three days to get the hell out. Turkmen border police offered us heroin!
  • Team Bad Idea
    Location Sundsvall(Sweden) 18:14 on 03-08-2007
    rescued from disaster by swedish mechanics at last!
  • French Touch
    Location Unknown 16:17 on 03-08-2007
    Georgie. Pluie diluvienne. Nous prenons l'eau, 1cm dans la voiture. En route pour l'azerbaijan. 27 h de route dont 6h de sommeil depuis ankara.
  • Le Mongs 24
    Location Lviv(Ukraine) 16:04 on 03-08-2007
    left lviv this morning heading for odessa. Jeep smoking and drinking more than deliquent teenager...
  • Starsky and Clutch
    Location Unknown 14:11 on 03-08-2007
    ps how is christina doing?

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