Monday, 6 August 2007

Update #22 - Calling again ? + Promotion

Dear readers, again I can offer you some more news. Richard called in again (I don't wanna see his cell phone bill) to ask me to ask you a favour: The list with all the postal addresses got lost in the endless desert. And unless you don't want them to turn around and go looking for it, they ask you to send them an email (see address on the sidebar) with your postal address in case you want them to send you a postcard. That sentence looks weird... did you get what I mean ?

Furthermore, he could explain to me, why everybody is taking pictures of their car. The '7' is not the reason, though it's said to be some kind of a mystical digit in the Koran, but it's because for them a 20 year old VW Polo is something similiar to a Porsche 911 here. They are driving Daihatsu Cuores and Opel (Vauxhall) Kadetts, which are being built in license. So for them, the Polo is like a brand new sportscar and everybody checks the tachometer to check the top speed. Lot's of cheers for the Polo, long live the Polo :)

An hour later, I get emails with lots of pictures and a blog report from Team Ruhrpott. Looks like I promoted to the official representative of the majority of the German teams. I will show you some pictures, the rest is being forwarded to German television (WDR), so hopefully you'll see them there soon. I was given two contacts there, but after calling the WDR, no one has ever heard of them... I wonder where I am sending the pictures to ?...


Anonymous said...

"That sentence looks weird... did you get what I mean ?"


- Ben

Honey said...

WOW!! I first thought "what kind of dudes are Martin and Richard hanging out with... " then I realised.. it's them!!

Dudes!! You finaly look as masculin as we girls like it... ;-)