Monday, 6 August 2007

Update #21 - Being late suckz...

Well, I suppose there was not a lot going on yesterday, as I only got a short sms, saying the boys reached Tashkent and are relaxing in a hotel, trying to get a visa on the next day. Now, I just got the phone call, explaining the sad truth... they reached the embassy on 12.01 and the embassy closes at 12. And it won't open again until tomorrow. Bad luck. But that gives them time to do some other things like, getting money. Which is obviously an adventure of its own, as the first bank refuses to accept a VISA card (though it says so on the entrance) , sending them to another bank, which refuses as well, but finally the third bank really gave them money. So they were horrified of the amount of money, they were asking for: 650 $, thats 50 times a monthly salary there. Now, the bank is bankrupt ;) Travelling back to the hotel with a taxi seems to be difficult. You can't spot them as they look like regular cars, so you just have whistle on the street and hope a taxi hears you. I guess they kept whisteling at the wrong cars far too long as both of them suffer from a sunstroke. So, in the meanwhile they have been in an internet café (15min / 30ct), checking all the visa forms online (so they have a translation German / Cyrillic) and waiting for the Team Ruhrpott to return with new cooling units for their cars. Hopefully George Washington can quicken the visa process tomorrow, such that the boys can get back on route soon.

Keep your fingers crossed !


Honey said...

I was just discussing with our secretary if long blond hair and some decent boobs would be more persuading then good old mr. washington.... ;-)

guys, what do you think??

Soundman said...

hey honey,
maybe you should upload a "helpful" picture of you then... ;)