Sunday, 5 August 2007

Update #20 - Anyone familiar with russian numerology ?

Hey Richard is calling in again, this time with his own mobile number ;) In case some of you (especially the families of Richard and Martin) are worried... don't be. Looks like whenever they run into a police blockade, they are being allowed to continue as soon as they say they were German. The police even greets in German ("Guten Tag... auf Wiedersehen"). Almost everybody speaks a little German. Cool. The only thing they couldn't figure out yet, is why so many people keep taking pictures (with their mobile phones !!!, looks like everybody got one) of their licence plate. They were told, that was because of the digit '7' that appears several times on their plate. I already asked some Russians, but no one could explain that to me. If you know something about it, please leave me a comment. So, to sum up the progress:

2007/08/04 16.50
Samarkant (Uzbekistan), mileage counter shows 8330 km, now heading towards Tashkent

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Anonymous said...

Some insider information from Olga: A 7 on the number plate of your car is a sign of luck - multiple 7's are even better... People are taking pictures of the number plate as a proof that they have met a very lucky car :-)

Doesn't make any sense but is pretty common around there (These guys are really superstitious!). Being a foreign car probably makes it even more fascinating to the people.

Now we also want a picture of Ze Germans' number plate!!!

Matthias and Olga
The Stuttgart-Bonn-Team