Saturday, 11 August 2007

Update #26 - Delay

So far I couldn't get any updates from our boys. They're still heading towards Russia and let's just hope that the car keeps running fine. I'm kinda wondering though, when I started the first poll, that within 1 week, there were 38 replies, now when it comes to girl pictures... I'm getting 34 replies within 3 days... and the message is pretty clear. I could manage to talk 'Honey into sending me a pictures. BUT, don't be too excited. She was still trying to keep her anonymity. Thus, this picture will make it difficult to compete with classy George Washington. What dou you think ?

Well, I know 'Honey can do better ;) Just leave me a few comments. By the way, in a few minutes I'll be off for my own vacation, so updates my take a little longer, until they appear on screen. Don't be worried, I'll still keep ya informed.


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