Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Driver Comments #9

Here we go again, sorry for the long delay... however the beach here (plus the beach girls) are very tempting...
  • Team Touchy
    Location Almaty(Kazakhstan) 09:24 on 15-08-2007
    Steve crossed kyrgyzstan is 7 hours. 2 borders, 3 countries in one day, Huge! Team together again. Stacy well but lost rear left brake cylinder. Meh!
  • Rustbucket Express
    Location Samarkand(Uzbekistan) 09:10 on 15-08-2007
    turkmen border was mental, uzbek border went smooth. kids riding donkeys talking on their mobiles. And smoking on the street is allowed.
  • awhoohoo
    Location Unknown 08:37 on 15-08-2007
    duck tape chewin gum and a crutch the petrol tank (jery can) is now on my lap only 1000 miles left big thanks to the kiwis
  • The Kilmorie Gentlemen
    Location Ulaanbaatar(Mongolia) 07:43 on 15-08-2007
    Actually in UB! Unbelievable i know. The truck dropped us just short and we actually drove in, fantastic! 27th finisher, & voted least likely to finish!
  • The 3 Mongoliers
    Location Almaty(Kazakhstan) 06:43 on 15-08-2007
    Hailarious club in Almaty w/ gokarts & strippers & stayed in yurt last nite 4 C's bday.Worchester sauce best present ever! Charlie gone home 4 bros stag do, big hole in team, 2/3 Mongoleers not quite the same. Speeding 2 Russia. We miss u Stan!
  • The Crimson Monkeys
    Location Ulaanbaatar(Mongolia) 05:49 on 15-08-2007
    arrived safely in ub at 9pm! Can't believe we made it with only a wheel falling off! Just shows what you can do with a £120 car from ebay!
  • Team Fido
    Location Ulaanbaatar(Mongolia) 05:29 on 15-08-2007
    made it at 12.15 last night after fixing collapsed suspension 50km from ub. We've only gone and done it. 6884 miles and the trip of a lifetime.
  • Horn OK Please
    Location Altay(Mongolia) 02:30 on 15-08-2007
    its game over. Back wheel all but fallen off. Car not driveable. Have abandoned car 100 miles east of khovd, in altai searching for a truck to get us 2 UB
  • Team Bird
    Location Almaty(Kazakhstan) 19:48 on 14-08-2007
    Settled down in kazakhstan. Laundry & tennis tomorrow...
  • Rustbucket Express
    Location Turkmenabat(Turkmenistan) 18:14 on 14-08-2007
    Another day, another Embassy. Now in very dodgy hotel in Turkmenbat after stunning drive through desert. Early start tomorrow and off to Almaty!
  • Bugs Meany
    Location Unknown 15:20 on 14-08-2007
    chkpt cop asked if we had porn in vehicle via obscene hand gestures. Chicken attacked our car in Guliston. Car won. Hair in denwoods salami. Fun
  • Minor Velocity
    Location Biskek(Kyrgystan) 10:07 on 14-08-2007
    uzbek great.we have just entered kyrgyz. Border no probs.Best scenery so far.Last night with family.Police interrogation at midnight!Escorted to border!
  • Team Extreme
    Location Barnaul(Russia) 13:14 on 13-08-2007
    When the day ends over the sunflower fields, the countess follows red and silver beyond the sand of the east to the temple where the cold ones wait.

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