Friday, 17 August 2007

Update #29 - Getting closer

2007/08/17 @ 6.45
Pit stop in Altai, around 1000km to go...

Cheerio. The boyz are getting closer and closer. And the streets claim their tribute. On their way they encounter more demolished and broken rally cars, which are being transported on trucks rather than cars that drive on their own. The tarmac - or whatever is left of it - is so spikey that the boys loose one tyre after the other and furthermore, they also lost a damper. On their map it says, exactly 1000 km to UB. Let's hope the navigational skills are still present, such that they will make it to UB on time. As far as I can remember, the famous party is supposed to happen tonight, isn't it ? If they won't make it to that party on time they brought their tuxedos to no avail.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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Claudia said...

As far as I could figure out, they still have two more days...
(e.g. here: