Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Update #28 - Updates are coming

Hey there. I got some more updates for you to tell. And I don't wanna cause 'Honey's heart attack though I suffered from a severe earthquake (thanks Kerstin for telling me;) )

2007/08/13 @ 8.54
They are trying to pass the Mongolian border on the next morning while driving in a huge group. I was told the Russian border was terrible (whatever that means... terribly expensive ???) maybe that's the reason why they went shopping in the last supermarket (get some vodka for the poor Russian border guards)

2007/08/15 @ 7.11
Mongolia seems to be incredibly in all terms: incredibly beautiful in scenery and incredibly brutal to the cars. Still it seems like most of our work was still worth it, as the Polo still holds together similar to the Millenium Falcon in A New Hope (for the film geeks). However, the Polo of Team Ruhrpott seems to act like a TIE, always loosing parts. That forced our heroes to improvise a new gas tank out of a water tank, some plastic pipes and wire straps. And it actually works. Now they are officially promoted to Heroes 1st class. Sleeping got a little cold, as they have to set up their tent in the mountains at 2.600 m above sea level. But I'm sure Martin 'Tim Taylor' S. and Richard 'Al Borland' S. will build something to fix this.

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