Saturday, 18 August 2007

Driver Comments #10 + Problems

First of all, sorry that it is difficult to participate in the poll right now. Looks like destiny doesn't want you to vote for the crawl option, such that they get home faster. I'll see what I can do about that.

And here we go with the latest comments...
  • The Mongol Mugs
    Location Tsagaannurr(Mongolia) 08:44 on 18-08-2007
    Made it to mongolia! Mental! Spirits lifted after gettin thru border- car is fine, my stomach still isn't! Lost another car in the convoy yesterday- 19 ppl in 5 cars was a little cozy. Spk soon
  • Ice Cream Adventure
    Location Almaty(Kazakhstan) 05:28 on 18-08-2007
    north of almaty, met kazakh mafia - nice chaps. Gave us a good luck charm! Eating bread and jam on a beach. Towards semey today.
  • Team Sussex Best
    Location Arvaikheer(Mongolia) 04:45 on 18-08-2007
    took a massively wrong turn yesterday. Took all day to get back. Bumper returned by lorry that picked it up
  • Rustbucket Express
    Location Barnaul(Russia) 00:26 on 18-08-2007
    46 hours of straight driving has got us to Baurnal. Another 30 or so should get us to the finish - wait, whatcha mean the border's shut at weekends?
  • Rustbucket Express
    Location Unknown 15:15 on 17-08-2007
    passed the russian border, still goldteeth everywhere. Gords did a good job driving all day, todays lunch, same as yesterday, a can of pringles.
  • TB Mongolian Adventurers
    Location Tsagaannurr(Mongolia) 14:24 on 17-08-2007
    head gasket exploded in cloud of smoke in russia. Drove/towed just over the border,Sold car for $100 to border guard. Very underhand. At least it made it
  • Mongol Mystery Machine
    Location Tsagaannurr(Mongolia) 14:06 on 17-08-2007
    Long night drive with prolonged death of fiat so Jet entered Mongolia with 5 passengers and 11 peoples luggage Made it!
  • Two Loose Screws
    Location Unknown 13:17 on 17-08-2007
    had a little accident yesterday. Thankfully it was of the brown variety. Mum can you send more diareaze and some fabreze for the car seats...
  • We're Actuarially Going To Mongolia
    Location Altay(Mongolia) 08:58 on 17-08-2007
    after pushing cars out of lake and back up mountains following detour finally back on track! Exhaust on roof beside many flat tyres! Hope to make party.x
  • awhoohoo
    Location Unknown 11:39 on 16-08-2007
    app cnt sell car without incuring $1000s in import tax wil hav to pay $400+ to get it on a truk leavin us wiv $80 to get home, hitch thru rusia? Rob bank?
  • Rustbucket Express
    Location Unknown 11:03 on 16-08-2007
    Will drive by myself from Almaty, Gords has decided to quit the race and fly to Mongolia. Reasons unknown. Fuck
  • Horn OK Please
    Location Altay(Mongolia) 07:44 on 16-08-2007
    Went back in truck 2 where we abandoned car 2 find it broken into and stolen! By some miracle we recovered it & some of r stuff. Back in altay on truck.
  • The Goonies
    Location Khovd(Mongolia) 07:24 on 16-08-2007
    Crazy few days.forced onto southern route due to landslides in north mong.justin sold his car $625 and flew 2 UB.Our car wont start from various probs.
  • Goldenoeuf
    Location Tsagaannurr(Mongolia) 06:10 on 16-08-2007
    Mongolioliolia! After 23hrs of negotiating borders that closed every hour we made it in. Then promptly took a wrong turn?! just 3ish days to UB!
  • The Wartburg Tourists
    Location Khovd(Mongolia) 05:39 on 16-08-2007
    after an adventurous day of getting stuck,first in a river then in a canyon,we hopefully learned to choose our ways more wisely in the future.
  • Moon Unit Alpha
    Location Bayankhongor(Mongolia) 05:26 on 16-08-2007
    Exhaust fell off after Hovd. Near Altai we were rammed by a Porsche Cheyenne, wrecked the boot, the rear window and the roof rack. Car still going well

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