Sunday, 19 August 2007

Update #30 - There's some progress

Yo. I received quite some updates over the last few hours. Thus, I'll present them to you in chronological order.

2007/08/19 @ 0.35
600km to go to UB, however it looks like this will be a tough ride. The hood is already gone, as is the cooler (again !) and the gearbox is most likely to die anytime soon. The oil temperature is constantly high, forcing the boys to take it slow and fight for any single kilometer.
mileage counter shows 13.344 km

2007/08/19 @ 7.26
I wonder why I still keep answering phone calls at that time on a sunday... otherwise I couldn't give you more news... so I'll tell you what Richard told me. At least what I understood, because the phone line quality wasn't too good. It's only 430 km to go, but as there is no road, it'll still be a challenge to be in UB on time. They were near a city, starting with an 'A'. As I couldn't find any match on my map, I'll simply have to believe him. The convoy is getting smaller and smaller as more and more cars give up. Thus, luggage has to be distributed on other teams, forcing them to take a longer break. The Polo still seems to run, however no one knows for how much longer. Maybe they would have been better off with a Porsche Cayenne. Today the Rallye Transsyberia ends in UB, too. For them it was only a navigational challenge. I guess our boys had a much harder trip. I can't imagine though how the Porsche drivers could defend / keep their cars from the greedy border guards...

2007/08/19 @ 11.12
Wow. After this strange A-town, there actually is come kind of road again. This allows our heroes to go a lot faster. It's only 270 km to UB now. If they can keep up that pace...+ they are 6 hours ahead. I guess, they should at least have a few more hours until the party ends.

Anyone booked that flight to UB ?

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