Friday, 17 August 2007

Update #29 - Part III

Thanks Claudia for correcting me... they have to arrive in UB on Sunday the latest. So we're pretty sure they'll make it ... if the car won't break down. We'll all pray for you.

But there is one important thing I need to know from you. If you in some case enjoyed the blog and the news here, will you please vote in the new poll.

I need to know the results soon, so I can forward the information.

Thanks for your support.


Honey said...

Soundman, my dear, I'd love to vote.. but oops.. ain't possible!! Aren't you supposed to be some technical geek or stuff?? Please take care of it so I can tell the world how much I appreciated your commitment.
Hugs and kisses for you my darling!! ;-)

Honey said...

Sorry, dude. Now it works... maybe the internet was not able to deal with the stormy conditions up north.. ;-)