Saturday, 28 July 2007

Update #14

2007/07/28 17.31
100 km in front of Astrakhan, mileage counter shows: 5884 km

Yeah, thanks to the advice of an anonymous anotater, I could talk to Richard on the phone again. They are all well and around 100 km in front of Astrakhan. If everything goes as planned, they should be in Kazakhstan tomorrow.
However, they told me about their first Russian police encounter where they had to pay the 50 €. After paying 100 Rupiens (shouldn't be too much) they were able to pass the border just to run in the police control, I told you about. Martin had to go to the officer's cabin and a nice guard with a Kalashnikov suggested to do as told. The other guard wrote a sum on a piece of paper: 100 US$. Meanwhile Richard is still sitting in the car, being watched by another armed guard, who didn't look pretty friendly in his direction. So... I'm asking you: What would you do in such a situation ? Probably the same as Martin. He took the pencil, wiped out the 100 US$ and wrote down 50 €. That's it, Mr. Cool. Just as I tought you.
After this "meet&greet" they continued on their track, just to be controlled over and over again. But, the other officers were baffled how anyone could be so stupid to travel to Mongolia in a car like this, so they let them go. As Team Ruhrpott has a visa, which allows entering Kazakhstan twice, all are still planning to go to Uzbekistan. If we (that means you, dear reader and myself) find an embassy or consulate for Kazahkstan in Uzbekistan, then hopefully the can continue with their new friends.

In this spirit, spasiba for your help


Anonymous said...

I know this site:

Here is an address for an embassy in Uzbekistan.

Good luck!

Soundman said...

Wow. Great page. Thanks a lot for your help.

Just forwarded the information, let's see how they'll do.