Saturday, 28 July 2007

Help me please

First we all thought, that Richard and Martin's cell phone provider don't have a roaming contract with the russian carriers. Now I found a webpage with different area codes for Germany (the +49 obiviously doesn't work there), it says 8~10 + 49 + area code + number.
Anyone got an idea what thy symbol between 8 and 10 could mean ?
Furthermore, has any of you traveled to Kazakhstan (or a similar country) and knows how much money you have to offer the officers to speed up the visa process ? Or whether you could get in trouble for doing so ?
Thing is, the boys didn't manage to go to the consulate of Kazakhstan in Moldova. So, there still is the problem of having only a single entry visa. Anyone any ideas ?

Please leave me a comment. Your help is greatly appreciated


Anonymous said...

~ means "wait"

International Prefix: 8 (wait) 10

Soundman said...

Vielen Dank anonymous :)