Sunday, 29 July 2007

Driver Comments #4

some more comments...
  • Rustbucket Express
    Location Unknown 10:02 on 27-07-2007
    at the uzbekistan consulate where they only speak uzbek and bad turkish. I wonder if a few dollars will make them speak english?
  • Microlia
    Location Kiev(Ukraine) 10:04 on 27-07-2007
    stayed in really nice hotel here last night.strip bar next door,ladies looking for company in the lobby.everything a growing boy needs.strange country.
  • Starsky and Clutch
    Location Unknown 10:43 on 27-07-2007
    Hey we're at the turkish boarder. What fun. Queue after queue. People here love to use their horns. Pushing car to save petrol.
  • hobo logistics
    Location Sofia(Bulgaria) 11:15 on 27-07-2007
    We are driving to Mongolia and the only cassette we have is kraftwerk's Computer World
  • Mongol Mystery Machine
    Location Odesa(Ukraine) 11:24 on 27-07-2007
    finally made it to odessa, been in and out of moldova 3 times! ...
  • The Kenya Crew
    Location Hamburg(Germany) ; 13:51 on 27-07-2007
    Left late due to visa problems. Spent last night in Brussels and watched Heat, on our way to Hamburg. Car is fine although steering is 20deg off centre!
  • Chariots of Rust
    Location Unknown 16:20 on 27-07-2007
    odesa.3hours at ukr border,had to use fake car passport given to us by crazy german...
    Location Kiev(Ukraine) 18:44 on 27-07-2007
    Still in kiev. Spent the day servicing the bikes. Now drinking free vodka/aftershave with energy drink. Maybe blind...
  • TB Mongolian Adventurers
    Location Odesa(Ukraine) 05:39 on 28-07-2007
    went out for quiet supper last night, ended up joining a ukrainian wedding party being forced to drink champagne by the father of the bride... Classic! X
  • Yakky Racers
    Location Atyrau(Kazakhstan) 11:59 on 28-07-2007
    dodging camels and potholes in equal measure, now sat in an irish bar ( is there anywhere in the world without one?!) enjoying some liquid refreshment
  • French Touch
    Location Ankara(Turkey) 13:13 on 28-07-2007
    stuck in ANKARA for god knows how long. Need to get 3 visas. Turkmen, Azerbaidjan and Kazakstan visas.very confident that we ll get them for xmas!
  • The 3 Mongoliers
    Location Simferopol(Ukraine) 17:01 on 28-07-2007
    2300 miles! On crimea...! Woohoo! Charlie's starting to realise just how lucky he is to be with 2 girls... Becky bribed border guard without realising, 10 of us attended ukrainian wedding party cos father of bride wouldn't let go of them and through their combined 'talking to tire' tactic and russian they cut a deal with police over speeding fine... All hilarious! Hope all's really good. Lots love x x x
  • Team Extreme
    Location Istanbul(Turkey) ; 17:01 on 28-07-2007
    so the key is now stuck in the ignition & wont turn so cant start the car. Not to worry, we've just been taught how to hot wire it by some local turks!
  • Land of Down
    Location Unknown ; 21:49 on 28-07-2007
    have finally parked at only non smoking truck stop in Russia. Pulled over by coppers twice but jedi mind tricks worked.
  • teamGoZzilla
    Location Tehran(Iran) ; 02:14 on 29-07-2007
    not so easy to get petrol!

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