Monday, 23 July 2007

Update #9

2007/07/23 17.43
Crossing Hungarian border, mileage counter: 2647 km
Good news everyone. So far our team didn't encounter serious problems and already reached Hungary. The oil pressure lamp keeps coming up from time to time, but it looks like, that this only happens when pushing the car to much. So they decided to slow down a little bit, nevertheless it should be no problem to reach Budapest this night. On the overall comparison, our boys do pretty fine. There it the team "Bottom Gear", which already made it to Lviv (around 500 km ahead) and is close to Kiev, but probably this team skipped the meeting point in Prague and is driving through the night. Again, this is NOT a race and who knows whether their Volkswagon Polo will make it to Mongolia at that pace.


Freddy said...

Hallo :)

Ich schreib es mal auf deutsch, das ist etwas einfacher für mich *g* Das Problem mit dem Öllämpchen kenn ich. Das Leuchten ist nicht mal das Schlimmste, schlimmer ist das nervige Surren, das kommt, obwohl mit dem Öl allse in Ordnung ist. Ich glaube aber, das man das irgendwo hinter dem Amaturenbrett abklemmen kann... allerdings ist das ohne Werkstatt nicht gerade einfach... ansonsten muss man das Auto wirklich einfach schonen... blöde Sache, da leiden die Nerven *g*

Grüße, Freddy :)

Honey said...

Yeah, right... this is NOT a race?? There is NO competition on pace?? Dude, Martin is in the car... habit makes him want to be first whereever possible... ;-)