Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Update #10 - The heat is on

It gets more and more complicated to write you about the progress of our boys. They don't know where they are... and neither do I. It pretty complicated as Google Maps doesn't contain a lot of Romanian cities and I guess this won't get better when travelling eastwards. Furthermore, the heat in the car (around 50°C) worsens things as well.
However, so far they had a fun time in Romania. As Budapest didn't prove to be very much of interest, they kept sitting in the car and couldn't quit driving. So they passed the Hungarian-Romanian border around midnight and decided to spend the night in Oradea (hey I found that town in Google Maps). I was told, this is an awkward city (maybe I can find a pic of that): it's really poor, but got some real nice churches and street cleaners, who work around midnight. So, finding a hotel at night seems to be a bit of a problem or our boys are just to smelly (and probably unkempt) to find some nice and cheap hotel. The only hotel that let them in was a 4* Hotel Continental, but so what... it's Romania, it's cheap (for us). On the next day, more heavy expenses came their way: the highway toll. So they threw in all their money and paid 1 € for the vignette and continued to race on the street, carefully not to crash into one of the many carriages. I wonder if one or two horses wouldn't help in giving the car some of the much needed extra hp...

2007/07/24 16.00
Somewhere after Targo Mures (Romania, check out the link), mileage counter shows: 3380 km

Scenery in Rumania

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