Thursday, 26 July 2007

Update #12 - Amendment

I'm getting a bad conscience, that Moldavia's reputation might suffer from my description. So I'll tell you some events that were actually quite good there:
  • When the boys were shopping in a Metro store in Chisinau, it wasn't until they reached the checkout counter, when they realized that they would need a customer card to be eligible to shop there. However, using all of their charme they managed to persuade the salesgirl to bend the rules and give them staff's discount.
  • Wandering around Chisinau, trying to decide which route to take next, they stumbled across a guy from Hannover (Germany). The world is somewhat small. Using his advice, our boys managed to avoid some road blocks and managed to reach the border in a reasonable (in Moldavian terms) time.

Still... I'd suggest a different travel destination ;)

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