Friday, 27 July 2007

Driver Comments #3

I begin to feel, I should have joined the trip. Here we go with some more events of rally companions. By the way, remind me never to go to Serbia, as it seems you have to pay a fee / fine for everything...
  • Team Mongu Mongu
    Location Budapest(Hungary) ; 07:57 on 27-07-2007
    Just spent 3 days ignoring the less than subtle mariage hints of our hostel owners hideous daughter while our engine was being replaced. Hell.
  • R77
    Location Ruse(Bulgaria) ; 07:22 on 27-07-2007
    Ruse.Policia fronterizo su mejor amigo trabaja en Tenerife .desde aqui un saludo.
  • Austrian Team
    Location Kursk(Russia) ; 22:55 on 26-07-2007
    we are in RUSSIA. Hier gibt es Russendisco als Freiluftversion. Grenze alles ok. Niet pistola :)
  • Starsky and Clutch
    Location Unknown ; 20:07 on 26-07-2007
    in bulgaria in a hotel its really nice, just had dinner and beer. The pool looks good shame its not built yet! Love 2 everyone
  • Tim & Fudge's Big Adventure
    Location Kiev(Ukraine) ; 19:27 on 26-07-2007
    In Ukraine,hd'n4 Kiev..where's the tarmac gone?!we're pretty far from Kansas!people on donkeys+carts! difference between here+Poland is unbelievable! Xx
  • TB Mongolian Adventurers
    Location Chisinau(Moldovia) ; 17:39 on 26-07-2007
    not going to make odesa today due to having to avoid an unrecognised soviet separatist state in east moldova who have their own borders and special@)se in arms and drug dealing! As a result we're only just gaining on the ukrainian border down in the south. Ps there is a high chance we're going to be on tv
  • Team Scraz
    Location Unknown ; 19:39 on 25-07-2007
    We have crossed into Russia! Only 2 hours at border! Split a molar in half on lump of bone hidden in salami so going to dentists in Moscow. Love Jay x x x
  • Ey Up Genghis
    Location Kiev(Ukraine) ; 18:41 on 25-07-2007
    late start as team austria were busy with sponsors n ukrainian tv..Gave our first present to a jolly fat policeman who wanted one of our beers!
  • Team Jackal
    Location Volgograd(Russia) ; 18:31 on 25-07-2007
    retained at Russian border. They ask directly for a bribe. We resist.
  • Land of Down
    Location Unknown ; 18:28 on 25-07-2007
    Four hours of incomprehensible bureaucracy supervised by a dozen attractive female border guards in uniform left us feeling like in a third rate movi@%. But we're in and Moscow bound!@
  • Team Crazy Fools
    Location Belgrade(Serbia) ; 17:33 on 25-07-2007
    The fools have crossed border into Serbia. Guard a Chelsea fan. Got fleeced over 275 quid for road tax because we drive a van! Extortionate parasites!
  • Norfolkin'chance
    Location Vienna(Austria) ; 17:18 on 25-07-2007
    are doing an engine rebuild in the bavarian wild and looking out for lederhosen
  • The Goonies
    Location Arad(Romania) ; 16:08 on 25-07-2007
    Through Hungary,now into Romania.Staying at a haunted house in transylvania where Dracula used to hang out.sump guard now fitted-bring on the desert!
  • The 3 Mongoliers
    Location Pascani(Romania) ; 14:37 on 25-07-2007
    In romanian mountains! Too awesome! Just about overtaking horse and carts with number plates. So many stray dogs government renamed them 'community dogs'... Gonna bag one for ourselves...

Go, go, go guys...

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