Thursday, 28 June 2007

Pull the Plug

Here's a tip if you plan on doing something like the Mongol Rally: Take away your Mom's internet. I don't how you're going to do that, but trust me, it's like the best idea ever.

Here's why. If you don't take away her internet, she will trawl its depths and come up with at least a thousand different ways for you to die on your trip. No matter how prepared you are, she will always come up with at least two ways to die you haven't thought of. One of them will invariably involve worms. The kind that eat you from the inside.

Oh, and both ways will be impossible to prepare for, so it's not like the information is even useful. You can protect yourself from the khorkhoi by not wearing any yellow clothes, but the worms your Mom will find out about, will be completely impossible to avoid or kill.

In other words, knowing about these worms only serves to drive you (and your Mom) crazy. So do yourself a favor and pull the plug. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Anonymous said...


What about your raised money? What if you don't get your 1000pounds (not on the weighing machine)?


Tom (

Richard & Martin said...

We already have the 1000£. See this Post. Unfortunately there has been a problem with the transfer of the money. (It was accidentally transferred to the wrong person.) We hope to have this sorted out soon.

If we hadn't reached the minimum of 1000£, we would have had to pay the difference ourselves. We wouldn't have had a problem with that, but we always figured we'd be able to raise the money.

Feel free to donate anyway. The money helps people, whether it's above or below the 1000£ line.

Ben said...

Oh, then keep the Death Worm game away from your mom, far far away.