Sunday, 27 May 2007

Ze STC Aftershow Picture Party!

The STC was a smashing success. I’m slightly miffed that I couldn’t be there, but Martin seems to have done a rather excellent job, because the cool people at the conference have donated a very spiffy 750€ for our charities. That means we’ve reached the goal of collecting 1500€! A big thank you to everyone who opened their wallets!

But wait! It gets even better! Our sponsor Microsoft is doubling the donations from the STC, which means we have now collected almost 2250€ for the Mercy Corps Mongolia and the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, way more than the minimum requirement for the Rally. This of course does not mean that you should no longer donate. We obviously want to collect as much money for our charities as possible. So, um, go!

Anyway, enough with this whole “making the world a better place”-business. Time for the good stuff. Here’s our super-double-excellent photo gallery from the mega-triple-awesome STC. Enjoy.

This is our car. Shot by someone who knows which side of the camera is up. In other words, probably not by Martin.

This is one of the best sites on all of the internets! You should go and visit it right now! Oh wait, you already are. Well done! Clearly you are person of refined taste and superb judgement.

Hey, that’s us!

That’s not us. But he is one handsome devil, so he fits right in.

Is there still a chance we can switch cars and take the BMW?

“Let me ask you a question…”

“…are you guys crazy?!?”

I’m reasonably sure this is not a close-up of our engine bay. Reasonably.

We submitted this picture for the 2008 Pirelli Calender and we are expecting the acceptance letter any day now.

This photographer is really good. He makes Martin look 10 years younger!

“Hm, I wonder what Richard is doing right now…”

This is what he was doing. Just for your information. I'm not bragging or anything. This is the reason I’m only slightly miffed that I wasn’t at the STC, however.

I don’t know who that is, but he’s very excited. (Actually I do, it's the awesome Ingo!)

And now we know why!

We let people write their names on our car. Now do you wish you had come? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I just upgraded my miffedness from “slightly” to “substantially”.

Martin talking to some dudes who definitely think we’re crazy.

Did I mention we let people sign our car? We let even let an Alien sign the car. Right between M. Pleucxkuscneschi und L. Brahomphumpberg.

You can go here to see more awesome pictures of the STC. But be warned: they’ll make you regret you're failure to show up even more! Let’s face facts here; we both know it’s already tearing you up on the inside. Once you click that link, the tears will be coming hard. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Come back tomorrow for another awe-inspiring update of Where the Awesome never stops!


der_baer_fm said...

Wer filmt euch, und wo kann man das Ergebnis sehen?

Ach und ja, ein bissel traurig bin ich.

Richard & Martin said...

Wir uns selbst und hier.

Gibt es einen speziellen Grund warum du traurig bist? Bist du etwa nicht zur STC gekommen?

grobi said...

Meine lieben bekloppten Freunde

("Freunde!? Ja, denn ich habe gespendet ;-) )

Aufgrund meiner naturgemäß geek-isch zurückhaltenden, sogar menschenscheuen Art schleime ich nur sehr ungern derart rum, ich muss aber dringend was loswerden:

das röhrender-Hirsch-Logo tritt mächtig Arsch!

Weiter so!

Richard & Martin said...

Hallo Freund!

Ich stimme dir zu. Deine Props müssen aber in Richtung von Hendrik gehen, denn der hat das ja designed.

der_baer_fm said...

Genau, weil ich nich da war..

Übrigens wo ist "hier" - ich kann nämlich kein Video finden? Oder doch besser wann ist "hier", weil ich es -noch- nicht finden kann?

Auch ich finde den Hirsch toll - ein Schaden, dessen Ursache in meiner Kindheit zu suchen ist - Oma hatte auch alles mit Röhrenderhirschnippes zugestellt.

Richard & Martin said...

Ach so. Ich hatte deine Frage missverstanden. Keine Ahnung wer Martin da gefilmt hat und wo das Ergebnis ist, aber ich werde ihn morgen fragen.