Friday, 18 May 2007

Meet Ze Germans!

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we’re being sponsored by the Microsoft Student Technology Conference 2007. What this means is that we will actually be at the STC this year. We’ll even bring our car, which will allow you to marvel at our magnificient mint-colored rally-stripes from up close!

Martin will give a little talk about the rally, and you’ll even have an opportunity to write your name on the car, so a small part of you can come with us on our journey.

So join us at the STC 2007 in Duisburg! It’s all the excitement of actually doing the rally, without all the tire-changing and getting-robbed. That’s what we experts call a win-win situation! If you don’t come, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Just look at that picture of Martin having fun at STC04! If you come, we’ll laugh and talk all night and have drinks and we’ll be best friends forever!

Disclaimers: When I say „we“ will be there, I mean Martin and the car. I can’t come, because I will still be in Rio enjoying a cool coconut water on Ipanema beach. Except this time the conference will be over and I willl actually be on the beach and not just wishing I were. Also, we won’t really be best friends forever. Unless you’re really, really cool. In that case we may be able to work something out, especially if you make a large donation to one of our charities. Offer void in Louisiana and were prohibited.

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