Friday, 18 May 2007

Ze Car IV - The Stickering

Behold! Our mighty Polo has now been polished and has all the stickers applied. The car is also registered and insured. The license-plate number is MH-MR 7777. (Unfortunately MH-MR 2007 was already taken.)

We’ve spent over seven hours applying the stickers to the cars, but I think the result is well worth it. Take special note of our beautifully tasteless mint-green rally stripes. Amazing!

By the way, when I say that „we“ spent seven hours applying the stickers, I’m not actually including myself. „We“ in this case is actually Martin and the ever-helpful Mirko. As they were working they’re butts off, I was probably lying on Ipanema beach, enjoying the sun and a cool coconut-water.

(Actually I was most likely suffering through another badly prepared talk about Grid-Computing by a guy with very limited english-language skills and a fear of people. Nothing spells excitement like someone mumbled something at his shoes while throwing unreadable black-on-dark-blue slides at the wall. But I like the Ipanema-story better, so let’s stick to that, shall we?)

Martin is clearly slacking. Three pictures and still no butts in sight!

Just when you're ready to give up on him, the guy always comes through! Two butts in one shot, the car's and Mirko's! Clearly this is the work of a true master. Well done, Martin!

Finally, another shout-out to TwoTypes², who not only sponsored and produced all the stickers, but also designed our logo. Thanks guys!

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