Friday, 3 August 2007

Driver Comments #6

Here we go with some new exciting events & comments:
  • Muswell Mongols
    Location Tehran(Iran) 09:05 on 03-08-2007
    driving in Iran is survival of the biggest. Road markings and direction are irrelevant. Petrol 3p per litre. Water 5p per litre. Hottest day in the world ever!
    Location Tashkent(Uzbekistan) 02:51 on 03-08-2007
    llegamos a tashkent despues dia solucion problemas mecanicos, avance ruta, otro mas segmento pegado(coche consume 1l aceite 100km...
  • Land of Down
    Location Unknown 17:27 on 02-08-2007
    in @ss end of nowhere on way to irkutsk. Coping with roads, trains, trucks and not insignificant hangover. Kids do not try this at home!
  • Team Mongu Mongu
    Location Irkutsk(Russia) 15:58 on 02-08-2007
    Been driving solidly since july on only bread, water and kebab. Currently playing dodge the cow on the road to Baku.
  • Team Crazy Fools
    Location Baku(Azerbaijan) 09:36 on 02-08-2007
    headline on p7 of baku Post: Xtina Aguilera ill with the flu!
  • The Dolly Mixtures
    Location Unknown 07:02 on 02-08-2007
    No mans land 4 teas and 2 pepsi's for 70p! We're also 2.7 million Iran dollars richer.
  • Team Jackal
    Location Samarkand(Uzbekistan) 05:45 on 02-08-2007
    salimos hacia Toshkent. Otra frontera. Seguimos sin encontrar internet...
  • hobo logistics
    Location Baku(Azerbaijan) 19:35 on 01-08-2007
    just had bottle of vodka and meal bought for us by locals. Amazing how far a smile and hello gets you in the world
  • teamGoZzilla
    Location Mashhad(Iran) 16:11 on 01-08-2007
    still here, forgot about rally while doing studies of locals and sorroundig waiting the turkmn visas, maybe saturday
  • The Goonies
    Location Unknown 14:54 on 01-08-2007
    Upon reflection, 'wind washing' just makes you dirtier.
  • The Goonies
    Location Unknown 14:53 on 01-08-2007
    We're out of wet wipes.I cant describe how big a blow this is! We have resorted to 'wind washing' which involves sticking various body parts out the window.
  • Mr. Dinosaur
    Location Astrahan(Russia) 13:58 on 01-08-2007
    outside of volgograd trying to avoid cops who tend to just laugh at us anyway...
    Starsky and Clutch
    Location Unknown 09:34 on 01-08-2007
    almost in Baku. Just saw a Larda hit a horse hard and the horse just got up and walked off. We love it
    Location Istanbul(Turkey) 09:12 on 01-08-2007
    made it to istanbul. Big fat turquish man washes me in hammam. Guys from genghis kar have worms.
  • The Goonies
    Location Unknown 06:40 on 01-08-2007
    woken by about a hundred wild horses going through our camp in the middle of the night.had to bribe some police this morning who wouldnt give documents back
  • The Great Sandbadgers of the East
    Location Volgograd(Russia) 20:06 on 31-07-2007
    Mongol rally not welcome in volgograd. Avoid. Remove stickers. Head north. DO NOT STOP FOR POLICE
    Location Luhansk(Ukraine) 19:11 on 31-07-2007
    just about 2 cross in2 russia. 46 degrees here
  • The Kilmorie Gentlemen
    Location Turkmenbashi(Turkmenistan) 17:46 on 31-07-2007
    Yawn. 26 hours & counting. Hate the ferry. Hate Azerbaijan. Will murder the next person that asks for money. I hate Azerbaijan. I hate Azerbaijan. X Dom
  • Rustbucket Express
    Location Tabriz(Iran) 17:18 on 31-07-2007
    Royally shafted at iran border - 70 dollars to get carnets back, really sure these guys were real. They were not.
    Location Volgograd(Russia) 16:39 on 31-07-2007
    40°C on the road today. Have finally made it to volgograd with no money and having spent a night drinking vodka with a russian family. Great fun!
  • We're Actuarially Going To Mongolia
    Location Atyrau(Kazakhstan) 15:32 on 31-07-2007
    after waitin 6 hrs on ferry to kazakh last night we finally experienced off roading, Me with b'day hangover! Jinst out tonight lookin for borat's sister!
  • The Penelope Pitstops
    Location Volgograd(Russia) 14:47 on 31-07-2007
    Industrial hellhole, largest gas plant ever, never come here in your life...
  • AKA Busters
    Location Unknown 14:00 on 31-07-2007
    correction. The border is closed for the night so we're stuck in no mans land till 8am!
  • The Kilmorie Gentlemen
    Location Turkmenbashi(Turkmenistan) 13:38 on 31-07-2007
    Hour 22 of the ferry crossing... We've been at the port for 9 hours but the boat wont go to dock. Theyve conned us (7 teams) out of around $400. Fuckers
  • Two Loose Screws
    Location Unknown 12:26 on 31-07-2007
    ed has ball rash. Ollie is going into arse labour. Can someone send us out some savlon & some immodium. Address is Renault 5, daka avenue, Baku

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