Friday, 20 July 2007

We are on the road!

If you read this after about 8am, then we are on the road and on our way to London. Thanks to Mirko, all our SMS Updates will also be posted here, so stay tuned!

And for God's sake, wish us luck!


Claudia said...

Since luck is extremely hard to pack in a package, and most likely every single bit of space in your car is filled, I'll just keep my fingers crossed for your luck and success (even though working with fingers crossed may sometimes be a bit uncomfortable).

Kommt gut wieder zurück!

Soundman said...

Even Indiana Jones would be proud of you :) Good luck on your journey... and stay in touch.

Honey said...

Guys (specially Martin), if you don't come back, I will also make a trip to whereever you are and kick your cute little behinds personally!!

Be good, have fun and feel huged. ;-)