Sunday, 22 July 2007

Update #6 - First Pit Stop

After they left the Hyde Park, our competitors had a smooth tour through the Euro Tunnel, through France, but in Belgium... something interrupted. What does the funny looking red light wanna tell ? Hmm... well, before smoke could arise, our boys just stopped the car on the expressway and refilled a lot of motor oil. That did it ! When it comes to such old cars, engines tend to burn oil, so guys, hope you think of that next time or your engine will blow ;)
So, after successfully passing the first test in "mechanical engineering", including an equipment test of the warning triangle and safety vest, the continued their trip and arrived Wiesbaden (Germany) at night time. Getting some rest and a good breakfast, our guys gained enough strength to get back on course, towards Prague. Thus leading to the following intermediate result:

2007/07/22 10.25
Leaving Wiesbaden, mileage counter shows 1649,3 km

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