Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Driver Comments #5

Damn Google editor, now all Team links got lost. Hope you can enjoy the comments nevertheless, there are some jewels there...

  • Berrow Fellows
    Location Astrahan(Russia) ; 09:59 on 31-07-2007
    what do you call two englishmen a scot a irishman a swiss and a luxembourg man missing the last ferry at thee border with kazak ? Tired as next one was 6am and it was midnight
  • Team Scraz
    Location Ufa(Russia) ; 08:27 on 31-07-2007
    Look like shit? Feel like shit? Smell like shit? Relentless Scraz Tours welcome you to Russia! Aa aa aaaaaaa...
  • Team Crazy Fools
    Location Trabzon(Turkey) ; 06:41 on 31-07-2007
    Man down! Ryan has the squits! Impressed by last nights georgian hospitality. Ate cheesybread and some random meat, possibly dog. May explain the squits.
  • Team Crazy Fools
    Location Trabzon(Turkey) ; 17:28 on 30-07-2007
    So good to be back in convoy! Locals driving like loons. Dodging cows. So much black smoke coming from one truck we thought it was on fire! *A-hurgh!*
  • Minor Problems
    Location London Hyde Park(United Kingdom) ; 16:02 on 30-07-2007
    Left toothbrushes hyde park so returned to pick up. Hopefully in georgia tea time.
  • Land of Down
    Location Unknown ; 15:02 on 30-07-2007
    Sammy doing some low altitude flying! ...
  • Mongolia in a Micra
    Location Trabzon(Turkey) ; 14:45 on 30-07-2007
    Speeding fine! The ginger one was at the wheel, i'm still considering not paying and leaving him as security. (Only joking mr and mrs cooper)
  • The Goonies
    Location Unknown ; 14:36 on 30-07-2007
    Just saw a dog eating another dog!Team Tom Location Volgograd(Russia) 14:21 on 30-07-2007 300km away from volgograd - just got stopped by the russian police doing 120km per hour in a 60 area. $10 US later we're on our way...
  • Team Barton
    Location Moscow(Russia) ; 12:48 on 30-07-2007
    team barton sitting in tema bar. lost our convoy. Russian lady answered their phone. Bad sign. We will be at the bar 8-11pm tonight if anyone is in moscow
  • Austrian Team
    Location Ufa(Russia) ; 04:31 on 30-07-2007
    weiter geht's. Stromteufel besiegt. Banken in Samara sogut versteckt, wie Stalinbunker.
  • Yakky Racers
    Location Unknown ; 21:40 on 29-07-2007
    Somewhere in kstan!" last saw a sign 4hrs ago, cant remember what tarmac looks like. Car loving off roading though; sell your landrovers and buy a micra!
  • 2togs2mongolia
    Location Merzifon(Turkey) ; 20:39 on 29-07-2007
    ... Saw Paris to Peking cars today. In good shape and enjoying the trip.
  • Green Pea
    Location Trabzon(Turkey) ; 15:34 on 29-07-2007
    ... Hasn't been 1 burger king since istanbul ...Damn we're hungry...
  • Team Barton
    Location Moscow(Russia) ; 12:38 on 29-07-2007
    200km off moscow! Stopped by police - no idea what they wanted. border crossing made interesting by angry russian lady. met team mister dinosaur in riga
  • turbodurbo
    Location Lviv(Ukraine) ; 12:25 on 29-07-2007
    just got stopped for 'speeding' and paid first fine. Gave policeman pen to sign car. He wrote fine on bonnet! Paid a sixth of what he wanted in dollars and off again. Moldova here we come...

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