Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Driver Comments #2

as they are too good to miss :)
  • Norfolkin'chance
    Location Frankfurt(Germany) ; 08:40 on 24-07-2007
    are back in the race. Got 3 new wheels, bearings, big fix and only charged for parts. If your gonna break down you should have done it in germany!
  • The Dolly Mixtures
    Location Nuremberg(Germany) ; 07:21 on 24-07-2007
    we got a little navigationally challenged and ended up in hamburg instead of munich.
  • Vienna Calling
    Location Lviv(Ukraine) ; 15:12 on 24-07-2007
    wir hab den fuss am gas - den fiat fest im griff....falco ist mit uns!
  • The Toad Elevating Moment
    Location Unknown ; 16:19 on 24-07-2007
    I love the instant trust & team atmosphere on the rally. The fact I can sleep in another team car & feel safe, the way no 1 gets left behind a convoy etc-Gem
  • 16:33 I spoke too soon. Team Tom just drove into our car. Now we have to tie the boot shut! D'oh
  • We're Actuarially Going To Mongolia
    Location Satu Mare(Romania) ; 18:12 on 24-07-2007
    ... Guards obv not as friendly as romanians who accused us of bein osama's smugglers
  • Perseverance
    Location Oradea(Romania) ; 19:56 on 24-07-2007
    ordea, romania; 20 ralliers in a crap motel, got big discount. Going good, still running hot,+ heat on full blast to draw heat from engine, so hot in the car our air vents are melting
  • Team Crazy Fools
    Location Debrecen(Hungary) ; 13:56 on 25-07-2007
    Spent night in real bed after well needed shower. City of Szeged is stunning! Spent the day taking photos. Got a parking ticket, not planning to pay.

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