Wednesday, 4 July 2007

17 Days To Go

I just express-mailed our passports to the service that does our Kazakhstan visas. Hopefully we will have those early next week, which would leave enough time to get Uzbekistan and Kyrgyztan before the start of the Rally. I had to drive there at maximum warp, because they were about to close. Almost didn't make it. Now I'm totally out of breath. The last time I was this fast on a bike, I still cared about whether I was late for school or not.

In other news, the lovely Lori was here today and we did a video interview about the Rally. Not sure if I was very coherent. Whenever I felt coherent, the cleaning lady came in and we had to start again. Or the tape ran out or something. That was great. The interview is also the reason I had to make my mad dash to the post office, because we did about a gazillion takes before we were done. All in all it was quite a bit of fun, though. I'll let you know when the video is available.

Having the passports here also confirmed that we definitely have valid visa for Russia and Mongolia. I have to say, seeing my Mongolian visa in the passport was quite a cool moment. Ulan Bator here we come!

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