Sunday, 24 June 2007

Disaster Strikes!

Remember when I said that things were going too well and that I was worried? Well, turns out that I was right. They were going too well and now Karma has come to town for some payback. Martin took the car to the shop today it needs a lot more work than we thought. A lot. More on that tomorrow.

Also, a water mains burst at my place. It's always great to come home after a long day to find a note from the police that the fire department broke into your apartment to turn off the water. Even better when you realize that they changed the locks and you can get back into your place. But the best part is realizing that they came in through the window and you no longer have a a window. At least they had the decency to replace it with some black plastic. Good thing it's not raining much right now.

Oh wait. It is.

Well, at least they didn't use my new 100€ Hugo Boss sweater to mop up the water.

Oh wait. THEY DID!

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