Thursday, 3 May 2007

Ze Car II - The Arrival

Martin picked up our car yesterday. It looks to be in reasonably good shape and survived its first trip just fine. We'll have it checked out by our expert (aka Martin's Dad) soon, but so far the car is getting the thumbs up from Martin.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, this picture makes Martin look like a complete doofus. Well done Mirko! (And thanks for helping us pick up the car.)

Unfortunately Martin's photography skills have turned out to be, let's say, limited. He made a bunch of pictures, but most of them ended up featuring Mirko's butt instead of the car (possibly in revenge for the thumbs-up image?). There's also no pictures of the front of the car or the interior, so, uh, I guess I'll be handling the camera during the actual trip. If only to prevent a series of unflattering photos of my butt.

Here are two more pictures of the car. Enjoy.

I chose this image because the car/button quotient heavily favors the car.

Winner of the 2007 "Best Image Of Our Mongol Rally Car Not Featuring A Butt"-Award. I wish I was kidding.

As it turns out: not true. This picture features a reflection of a butt, meaning the award goes to the tumbs-up picture above. Mostly because it's now the only picture of our rally car not featuring a butt, thus winning by default.


Anonymous said...

Well, actually you can see the reflection of one's butt...

Richard & Martin said...

No, you can't. I've analyzed the picture in detail and while you can see Mirko, I believe the B pillar obscures his butt.

I'm sure the intention was to get a reflection of his butt, but (haha!) the shot didn't work out as planned.

Richard & Martin said...

Damn, you're right after all. I've update the post to reflect (I'm killing myself!) this.

Britta said...

Guys... I would not mind seeing more butts on this web page. As long, as you don't charge for it though... ;-)